Get the right tent with these tips and tricks

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Packing your bags and going to an unknown destination is easier than ever if you own a high-quality tent. You can travel to any exotic destination, even if that location has no hotels, and you can be close to nature and your roots by sleeping with your loved one under the starry sky.

But it is not an easy lifestyle. That’s why it is crucial to pick a tent that will survive any weather condition and any terrain, and to choose an item that can be reused as many times as necessary. If you are a backpacker, then you need to do even more research as the tents suited for that kind of life need to have some special features.

One of the most important aspects when choosing a model for yourself and your family is its size. If you are planning to sleep in it by yourself, any size will do, as long as you are not claustrophobic. But if you are planning to sleep with your partner, then it should be quite large, so that it won’t get crowded real quick.

There’s no standard to make your life easier since all humans have different heights and require unique things from manufacturers, but the manufacturer specifications will usually mention if it suits one or more people. Also, if you’re traveling with pets, make sure that you either have a waterproof crate to keep them in outside or that the tent has extra room to keep your pet inside.

Before ordering a product from this category, make sure you know when you are going to use it since there are different tents for different seasons. The majority are suited for three seasons, mostly for warm weather, and are lightweight and made from materials that are highly porous and permeable to oxygen, so you get fresh air while you sleep.

They can withstand heavy rains. However, they are not suited for cold weather. If you want to use a tent on top of a mountain, go for a 4-seasons model, that is made from thicker materials which also offer much better insulation to keep warmth inside so you won’t freeze.

Moreover, make sure you know where you’re going to use the tent. Most tents are specifically made for different types of terrains, and so you need to prepare ahead. But luckily, there are the so-called SUV tents, which are very versatile and can be used with most types of SUVs and on most types of environment, even on sand. Here you have a guide to SUV tents where you can discover more about the unique features of these products.


Gadgets I like to have in my car

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Want to  gadgetize your car? You are at the right place!


Stepping out in the market, you’ll come across millions of new and advanced gadgets to deck up your car and make driving comfortable. But you can definitely not stuff your car with gadgets all around, right? You need to be careful while selecting only the actually useful ones and that is where I can help you.


I have made this exclusively quick list of some very useful and necessary car gadgets that will make your travelling life easier in cars. 



GPS unit

A GPS unit is a greatly useful device for cars and all the vehicles. You can definitely substitute it with GPS apps on your Smartphone but it can never match the level of handiness of a dedicated GPS unit. Not only they can work in the absence of internet, but also they give you the most authentic maps and clear instructions (voice instructions as well).



Radar detector

My second top choice after a GPS unit because it is the real SAVIORS if speed is your obsession or compulsion!! Wanna know how ? A radar detector saves your bucks spent on traffic tickets, by making you push your car brake right in nick of time. Please note that I am not at all supporting traffic rule violations, but you can definitely keep a check on yourself with this gadget, to save your pocket from unnecessary ticketing once in while in utter emergency.

There are many models you can choose from and you might find good solutions even if your budget is not so big.



USB car charger

This small one is best for busy bees like you, who often run out of time and power at the peak of the day. This device lets you utilize your driving time and charges your phone meanwhile you are behind the wheel. It will charge your phones, tabs and similar devices and is easy to connect/disconnect to your vehicles.



Car mount Phone holder

You don’t always come across smooth roads. This device is for holding your phones tightly in the place. You can mount it on the dashboard or any other suitable place in the car and then drive freely.




This device attaches on the inner lining of your front mirror and allows you record the journey (as well as evidences of mishaps) without blocking your windshield. That is, you can drive properly as well as record effortlessly, whatever and whenever you want.


2-Hairstyles You Can Accomplish with a Flat Iron

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Though a flat iron is normally used for straightening the hair, I use it to get some gorgeous looks. Even though the plates on the iron don’t seem to be able to do anything beyond straightening, it is not so. You should own the right flat iron that can be used for both straightening and styling your hair.


If you’re a fan of curly hair, then using a right flat iron with round edges to get beautiful out-curls in your hair. I was always a fan of curly hair and wished to have the curly and messy bohemian look. I do this with a classic flat iron that heats up fast and gives strong curls to my otherwise straight hair. I begin with moisturizing my hair with a good hair spray and some water to get a perfect hold.


rj3If you have a larger flat iron you can make longer curls. Keep in mind you have to practice before you can come up with elegant and great looking curls. I started with a small cool iron at first and I was able to get denser curls without burning my hair. Once I perfected the art, I am able to have great looking soft curls. I always end up with countless compliments for my hairstyle.


Another great hair style I always love to get is the beach waves. Beach waves is a great hairstyle for young girls who have medium to long hair. You need to have a good flat iron for creating the beach wave hair style. It needs patience since you have to do it slowly and steadily.


rj2When doing beach wave hair style, I prefer to keep my hair slightly damp so that the hot iron do not damage the hair. I prefer a 1 inch flat iron as the perfect choice for creating a wavy effect in my routine sleek and flat hair. Keep in mind not to overheat your flat iron as you may end up with a damages mane. If you practice it for a few days, you can create great looking bouncy beach wave style hair using a flat iron in less than 5 minutes.
It is always better to go for a titanium flat iron as it provides quality heat supply and nice hold for making great hair. After reading some reviews on flat irons, I bought a flat iron with titanium and have been trying various styles on my hair. So, it’s your turn now to become a style icon among your bunch for friends.



Why you should still invest in a camcorder

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Camcorders are simple gadgets  that are a handy way to gather the memories as videos that you can replay any time you wish to travel back to the fun filled days. However, in this age of smartphones and DSLRs, it is difficult to decide whether or not to spend on camcorders. Though smartphones are efficient in recording videos anywhere, they definitely lack in quality.


Talking about the digital cameras which also record, they aren’t much better than smartphones if you are really concerned about the videos. To be logical, it is fairly obvious that a dedicated device for video recording such as a camcorder, will always beat other non-dedicated video recording devices like a Smartphones or Digicams.




I have my reasons to believe this.  Let me prove my point on the handiness, efficiency and video quality of a camcorder. This is what you should look for when purchasing the best camcorder for the money:


  • Your memories are precious and you won’t like to compromise with the quality. You see, that’s the major reason why camcorders are popular. Within the same budget of a quality smartphone or a digital camera, these devices give excellent quality movies.
  • They are never burden. They are cozy little devices, easy to keep, carry and hold. They are lightweight so don’t hurt your hands if you have lengthy recording on your mind.
  • Video resolution and audio quality matter a lot. A video is not just about pictures. The audio is equally important for a delightful visual. Being a dedicated recorder, camcorders come with a built-in stereo system to record quality sound also, while you record. The stereo may vary as per the budget.
  • They come with a good amount of internal memory. This may not sound fascinating to you, but internal memories hold a very important place in recording videos. When you record large volume of HD videos and do not want to edit them or get them burned (when transferring them), you have an option with camcorders. You can keep them stored in the camcorder and watch them.
  • A fully featured camcorder completely excludes compression. Compression is the data used to define each frame in a video. More compression loses the finesse, that affects the quality of any HD video. This is another problem that a camcorder solves.


I hope that you too will appreciate why you can, even today, reliably invest on a camcorder. It won’t let you down. So, debut your directorial skills by shooting some amazing videos and share them anywhere you wish.

How to avoid damaging your hair when using your blow dryer

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It’s a well known fact that prolonged exposure if the hair to heat can cause permanent damage the layers, leaving you with no other option than to go for a shorter haircut. So how can we use our blow dryer and preserve, at the same time, the health and shine of our hair? There are a few key rules experts dictate that can help us do precisely this, and they’re presented below.


The first secret of keeping your hair out of the heat’s damaging way is to do just that. While your blow dryer can reach great heat levels, always keep it at medium. Higher temperatures will work on coarse, thick hair, but for most of us, overheating is extremely damaging.  If you have the possibility to use a cool shot, make it happen, as cold air is a great cuticle sealant and will help stop the dehydration process.

Blow drying requires previous washing. It’s important that you use a conditioner – better a leave-in one, to keep your hair as moisturized as possible during drying. Also, if possible, apply a heat protection spray or serum – preferably silicone-based.

Keeping the dryer at a good distance is also crucial in protecting the hair. Somewhere between 6 and 10 inches is more that enough for your hair to receive a full air blow, and to avoid getting overheated.


And since you’ve just walked out of the shower, take a few minutes to pat your hair with a towel, and give it some time to air dry at least until it’s just damp instead of wet. Applying heat on a dripping wet hair will only warm the water, making the high temperature reach deeper into the hair.

We’ve been talking about what “too hot” does, but “too long” is also a problem. You might get the impression that keeping the dryer focused on a single portion at a time will get your hair dry faster. But while you’re drying that portion, you’re also keeping the hair from cooling, and overheating leads to severe dehydration.

If you want to make sure you buy a safe hair dryer, I suggest reading expert reviews before buying a model.

Finding a Mattress for the Elderly

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Finding a mattress for your parents or other elder members in your family is not an easy option. I always find it difficult to know what is best for them, as their requirements and needs are different from mine. You need to keep in mind that as we get old our body will not recover as easily after a poor night’s sleep. In fact, I have seen that my parents often complain of body aches and lack of sleep that are caused by sleeping on a wrong mattress.


For getting good sleep, the quality of mattress plays an important role. When selecting mattress for elderly people, you need to make sure you select the best mattress that provides utmost comfort and support for getting a good night’s sleep. You need to keep in mind that a good mattress for your body may not be the ideal one for elderly people as their body requirements will be different from yours.


When I went to select a mattress for my parents, I focused on a few points to make sure my selection meets the requirements and needs of my parent’s body. I looked for a mattress that is firm and gives good support for the spinal cord so that it gets adequate rest during the night time. At the same time, I made sure the sleeping surface is comfortable and suitable to tender skin of my parents.


When choosing the surface of the mattress, you need to keep in mind that the surface of the mattress is not too hard. Elderly people tend to have sensitive joints. So, a hard surface can cause severe pain for them. It is better to choose a mattress that is not too soft and is adjustable so that elderly people can get in and get out of the bed easily.


I have seen people spend too many hours on finding the right bed for elderly people. But, they are not able to choose the right mattress that can give elderly people a comfortable night’s sleep. It is always better to inquire about the preferences and specific demands of elderly people when selecting a mattress for them. Spend some time on researching various mattresses and select the best option. You parents deserve the best as they have given their best to you!

My new purchases

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When my daughter was born, I could not purchase the things I always dreamed to buy for my baby. My friends and family members gifted her so many things including a crib, a pram and a handy rocker. But somewhere in my heart I had this unfulfilled wish to buy a very exclusive crib from my baby. Just a few days back the crib gifted by my parents to their granddaughter broke down. Instead of getting unhappy, I was exhilarated at the thought of coming up shopping I could do for my baby. She is turning one next month, so I planned to get a crib strong enough to last another three years, till she is ready to move in a grownup bed.


With this in mind I planned a visit to the nearby kids’ shopping mall. In the furniture section I came across so many amazing and useful options in cribs. The salesperson showed me cribs in all sizes and materials. The earlier crib was a lightweight plastic crib, so this time I chose a wooden crib due to its dependability and superior construction.

The sales person also helped me in understanding what features I must care for while buying crib for a growing infant. As per his suggestions I selected a crib with smooth and varnished bars to make sure that it does not have any sharp edges, an extruding nail or a loose joint. This crib has a movable base that could be height adjusted so that it becomes easier for me to pick my baby or keep her sleeping securely even when I am not around.


I bought soft cotton bedding for my baby and some colorful toys as well to decorate and hang above the crib. It was a good decision as my baby loves to play with these toys when she is in her safe portable crib.

While I was moving around in the shop, I saw a beautiful baby swing that can be kept in a baby’s room. I found it worth purchasing considering at its usability. The swing is beautifully painted in colorful and attractive animals and birds. The baby swing seems to be a lifesaver in the nights when my baby grows a bit cranky.

rj4With these two recent purchases I am hugely enjoying my motherhood and feel refreshed in the morning, since now my daughter sleeps peacefully for the whole night in her crib after being rocked in her new swing by her father. I would always cherish the picture perfect moments of togetherness of these two special persons in my life.

The 2 best Canon point and shoot cameras

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I always had a huge faith in brand Canon as far as the photography equipment is concerned. Recently I had an opportunity to try two models of point and shoot camera at a sales promotion event organized by a local vendor. I just thought that it would be good if I could express my views on these two superb point and shoot cameras by Canon. So here are my musings for you:


Canon PowerShot SX530 HS


With a 50x zoom ratio, this one can be termed as a smart infusion of professional requirements of photography in an economical model. It has an easy to control system. The performance of this point and shoot camera is far responsive than the other counterparts in this price range. Not superbly compact, but still within its bag it can be carried easily along with.


It comes with the Creative Shot mode available in the Canon models. It comes with a convenient way to share your clicks with the integrated Wi-Fi with NFC. The body is quite comfortable to hold and focus with its steady handgrip. The LCD comes in a 3-inch size and 461k resolution. You will not be able to adjust the resolution but it is quite sharp to let you make out if the image is clean enough for your needs. It offers you numerous angles to judge the image from different aspects. This is a very decently priced point and shoot camera considering the clarity of images and the overall features of the camera.



Canon PowerShot ELPH 360 HS


This camera can be easily labeled as a rightly priced point and shoot camera. The most impressive highlights of the ELPH 360 are a 12X optical zoom lens, and a sleek body measuring less than an inch in thickness, giving you the ease of carrying. It will easily accommodate in any reasonably sized pocket.  Its performance to capture images is quite fast with a very less shutter lag as compared to other cameras in this range.


It also gives you good quality images but you may not call them outstanding capture. If you are a first-stepper in photography, then you won’t be disappointed with your output. It can be a great gadget for those of you who want to add a funny touch using numerous fun special effect shooting modes offered in this model. You will be dazzled by the sharpness of the LCD screen provided. It has an ISO of 80-3200. Overall this is a compact and affordable Point and shoot camera.

The advantages of bagless vacuum cleaners

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If you’re looking for a device that can help you to get rid of dust in every possible way, then the bagless vacuum cleaner must be your prime choice. It is very useful and has a long list of advantages that helps us to reduce the cleaning hassles.

rj1Nowadays, bagless vacuum cleaners have become a necessity. It is up to the user that what kind of vacuum cleaner he has to buy i.e. to choose between a normal vacuum cleaner and a bagless one. In my opinion, without giving it a second thought, the person should definitely go for a bagless one. This recommendation is due to the efficiency, handiness and advantages associated with it.

If I think about the best vacuum cleaners, I would underscore the benefits of a bagless vacuum cleaner by stating these observations I have made.


Easy to handle

A Bagless vacuum cleaner is very easy to handle. It comes with a dust collector cup to reduce the effort of replacing the bag with another one after each session of home cleaning. The need of changing the dust bag is not there.


Requires less maintenance

Bagless vacuum cleaners are a boon to the home keepers ( in terms of health as well) who also work for a living. They require very less efforts in maintenance. The maximum care you need to give is in the form of dismantling the pipes and emptying the dust cap. You don’t have to buy or change the bag for this type of vacuum cleaner. It also takes care of your pocket as it does not need frequent services.


Easy to use

The bagless vacuum cleaner is usually very easy to operate as the entire dust gets collected in the cup and you don’t have to worry about the bulkiness of a dust bag. It reduces your tiresome chore of removing the bag every time after a home cleaning session. Disposal of collected dirt is also very easy. Filters used are easy to wash and are reusable.


Easy to dismantle

Bagless vacuum cleaners usually have one-way suction and a few attachments. So it is easy to dismantle and store it after use as it is light weight.   



Its Cyclonic suction is very efficient mechanism to handle any kind of cleaning task and any amount of dust you need to clean. You can perform a number of cleaning tasks. If someone in your family is suffering from a dust allergy, then it is advisable to get a bagless vacuum cleaner since dust will not escape back in the room.



The two best GPS units you can buy right now

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Buying the best quality GPS unit in 2018 is a challenge. Due to the increasing Smartphone dependency and ultra advanced GPS apps availability, a very few manufacturers take the risk of selling GPS units and in that too with a promise of high quality and reliability.


But trust me; no Smartphone can match up to the efficiency of a dedicated GPS unit for your vehicle. The reason is, one that the Smartphone apps often require high speed internet connection which is not guaranteed to be available everywhere and a Smartphone is not solely designed for navigation purpose. So, a compromise with the quality of maps and authenticity is the risk you have to take.


Moreover, you can’t exit and reopen the app many times when you are lost and your friends and family members are calling you, right?


Therefore, I will help you to decide over buying a suitable GPS unit. I have researched through the online shops, websites and local shops, checked over several reviews and customer opinions to finally come up with my top two choices in the best GPS units that you can buy. My choices are based on the reliability of these products and also the value to money they offer.



Garmin Nuvi Models

Garmin is a very old and reliable brand for GPS units and has launched a new range of GPS models under the Nuvi theme. The entire Nuvi line is highly recommended. Some popular ones are –

  • Garmin Nuvi 2595 LMT :  A fully capable unit. Offers user friendly interface with touch screen display along with a complimentary mobile app for your loved ones to monitor you in times they can’t contact you.
  • Garmin Nuvi 2797 LMT :  Large display (7 in.), portable Bluetooth unit with free Garmin Live services.
  • Garmin Nuvi 3597 LMTHD :  Lightweight, on the budget unit with a decent 5 in. display and assists lane via junction view.





Tom Tom Go Live 1535 M

Tom Tom’s Go and START series, both are awesome, but I happened to select this one for review because of its perfectly balanced features and quality standards. I have listed the key features in bullets to be quick.

  • Voice directions
  • Doesn’t need net connections
  • Pairs with phone for hands free calls.
  • Supports Bluetooth connectivity and,
  • Offers advanced lane guidance in a decent resolution on your budget.

Booster Car Seats – When to Use Them

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Parents are always concerned about the safety of their kids. Car designers may overlook some features important for the safety of children. So, if you have to travel with your little one, it is wiser to opt for the booster car seat and ensure the utmost care and safety for her.


When your baby has outgrown the current car seat, you can think about seating her in a booster car seat. Studies have proven that a kids using booster car seats suffer less injury during a crash as compared to a child who sits in the care of a car’s regular seat belt.


The booster seats are designed to raise the child’s seat so that you can use the car’s seat belt. The booster seats provide you the right guidance with red indicators to secure the seat belts for the ideal safety of your kid. You can do so with two indicators – one at shoulder height going diagonal and another going at waist height.


rj6There are various types of booster car seats from which you can select the one that gives you the satisfaction as a parent. You must always ensure that, when using booster car seats, you must keep seat belts as tight as possible so that it gives full protection. You can put booster car seats both in the front and the back, but I always keep it in the rear, as an additional protection is possible with the passenger airbags.


Booster car seats can be used for children who are in the age group of 4 – 11 years. Like other parents, I also prefer using booster car seats for my kids as they provide an extended level of protection. There is no doubt that booster car seats are a better option, even though it may take up a lot of space in your car.


When I went to select a booster seat for my daughter, I checked with my car dealer to recommend a few good models that are complementary to the convertible car seat I bought. If your car supports Isofix booster seats, then it is best option to buy. Isofix booster seats are designed with attachments built in a way to fit into your car’s isofix anchorage. You can also choose booster seats with a high back. High back booster seats provide extra protection for your child’s head. High back booster seat comes with headrest so that your child can keep his head safely and enjoy long travels.

Getting a booster car seat is a better option if you have a life in the fast lane. You might be a careful driver, but you can’t say the same for others. With kids in tow it is always be extra careful with safety measures while traveling.

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